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After some server issues, and a couple of emails, I have finally re-uploaded the site.

If I get some time I still want to update the site a bit, but we're see now that goes.


Added some more quote to "The Crush Show" (28th March 2000) also found a news article in the Detroit News from 1995.

Dweeb's finshed it's run in 1995 in the US and the UK in 1997.


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Aired:1995 (Canceled Mid-Season)

Produced by: Warner Brothers

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Peter Scolari .... Warren Mosbey
Stephen Tobolowsky .... Karl
Corey Feldman .... Vic
David Kaufman ... Morley
Farrah Forke .... Carey
Adam Biesk ... Todd

Notable Guest Appearances:
Holly Fulger as Noreen
Lane Smith as [unknown]

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